A diabetic alert dog (DAD) is a dog that has been trained to detect the biochemical scent a diabetic emits when they are experiencing a hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) or hyperglycemic (high blood sugar) event. Many Type 1 Diabetics have a condition called Hypoglycemic Unawareness, which means they cannot feel when their blood sugar is out of range. With the assistance of a Diabetic Alert Dog, the diabetic can have an early warning of a potentially dangerous, even deadly, event as the dogs can detect and alert even before a continuous glucose monitor can recognize the out of range glucose numbers. Hyperglycemia can cause long term complications such as organ and nerve damage while hypoglycemia is extrememly dangerous in the short term causing seizures and even death if gone undetected.



Diabetic Alert Dogs are not a cure for diabetes, but instead a management tool. Having an alert dog isn't for everyone as it takes constant work in order to maintain the dog's alerting skills. Diabetic Alert Dogs can be used in conjunction with continuous glucose monitors, as well as insulin pumps, glucometers, and injections. Finding the right balance is different for every diabetic. Please CONTACT US if you have further questions and would like to explore the benefits a Diabetic Alert Dog can offer.

Diabetic Alert Dogs alert in "real time," and contrary to common belief, they detect the rapid movement of blood glucose instead of the actual number itself. This means they can alert their handler as an out of range glucose number is happening so action can be taken more quickly. They are not a substitute for testing with a glucometer, or insulin therapy; in fact, with their assistance the diabetic may use more supplies as they are more fully aware of whats happening in their body.