Introducing Kirby!

I've discovered I'm a glutton for punishment. Why you may ask? Because I now have 3 puppies around the 6 month mark that are currently in training. I may be a professional, but taking on 3 puppies can be a bit of a challenge. I know most of my stories start with "I couldn't help myself..." and this one really isn't any different.

Kirby's family got him as a young puppy, but recently their situation became so where they weren't able to keep him. We met at a local Petsmart and that's when I got to meet Kirby for the first time. I gotta be honest - it was love at first sight!

This young lab is 6 months old and an eager student. Talk about treat motivated! He's young and incorrigible, however, he's a fast learner and his number one priority is to hang out with me wherever I am. He's incredibly friendly and loves kids and other dogs. I feel like I couldn't have been any luckier to stumble across this guy for my service dog program. I'm so looking forward to seeing how this guy matures and grows. Stay tuned for many more adorable Kirby pictures to come on our social media accounts!

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