Diabetes Awareness Month: Day 10 - Low Treatment

I don't have a huge amount of lows; and I am extremely lucky that most of the time I feel them before they get too terribly, dangerously low. There have been a handful of times that I "felt funny" and my BG was in the 50's when I checked. There have only been a few times that my BG was lower than 40, and all of those times were when I was a kid.

Like most diabetics that I know, I went through a time where I just didn't care anymore. I didn't check my BG like I should have, I didn't try too hard to make sure my numbers in range, and my A1C was extremely high. I have since come to my senses and I am taking many more steps in proper daily management. As any diabetic knows thought, the tighter control you try to keep of your BG's invariably the more low's you experience. Now, I have a low in the 60's probably 5-10 times a week; most of them I feel however a few of them I don't. I have two things that are my go to for low treatment; it all depends on where I am.

If I am at home, I always reach for the orange juice. It is one of my favorite beverages! I don't allow myself to have it very often because it always spikes my number, even if I pre-dose for the amount that I want to have. I buy several jugs at a time and usually I can find a sale where I save several dollars by buying a bunch which I don't have a problem with since I'm buying more at a time than the average person. I get really excited with the orange/some other kind of fruit combo's are on sale. In a sick, weird way I don't mind my lows (as long as their aren't too bad) if I have orange/mango juice in the fridge.

If I'm out and about, I will reach for a gummy snack packet or two. Up until now I've just been buying the large boxes of whatever brand costco has on sale, but recently a fellow diabetic friend introduced me to life saver gummies and I'm hooked! They are amazing! I do always carry glucose tablets on me for cases of emergencies but they get old tasting quickly and the last thing I want is to chomp down on some large chalky type things when I'm low. I much prefer the small packs of gummy snacks because they travel well; even if they get hot and kinda melty when they travel to the bottom of my hiking pack and get squashed by my water bottle, it doesn't affect the taste. I like gummy snacks for on the go low treatment as well because I can't eat them quickly. It requires some chewing and I can't hork them down in a split second. Depending on how low I am, after 1-2 packs of 20g each, I'm feeling better and it's just enough to bring me up without overy spiking my number later on.

Occasionally. I will buy individual juice boxes or chocolate milk boxes to have for low supplies, but I don't like to keep them stocked as they get old quickly, they are a pain to carry around because they either need to be refrigerated or weigh down my purse significantly, and they don't bring up my BG quite fast enough when I'm low. I used to exclusively carry juicy-juice boxes, even in my purse, but after an older box got ratty and burst all over my wallet, I decided I should expand my low supply arsenal.

I love this topic, because every one I talk to has their own preference, and in it's own little weird way, it allows us as diabetics to be able to customize our condition to what works for us.

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