Diabetes Awareness Month - Day 8: Sparkle

I don't have anything sparkly. For someone who's favorite color is purple, I was surprised to find that I don't have any sparkly paraphernalia. So instead, I decided to focus on something that helps make my personality sparkle. Well, actually, it makes my personality tolerable.

I depend on coffee for a lot. It gets me up and going in the morning. It sooth my morning grumbles with it's delicious, soothing, hot-ness. It prevents me from slapping people when they say stupid things; just kidding.

Let's talk about what it does to my blood sugars. Typically when making coffee at home I use about half a teaspoon of raw sugar, and a couple tablespoons of half and half to doctor my average cup of morning joe. Depending on what mug I use (whether it be big or small) I have to dose anywhere from 20g to 40g of carbohydrates to cover and prevent my BG being too high later. I have learned to dose for 25g of carbs for a grande starbucks coffee (with 1 raw sugar packet and a bit of half and half.)

Occasionally I treat myself to either a vanilla latte, or if I'm feeling extra decadent, a peppermint mocha. Both are amazingly delicious, but, wreak havoc on my blood sugar. I seem to either take too much or too little insulin each time to cover it, and I'm still working on trying to find just the right dose. I guess I will just have to keep buying them and perform trial and error insulin dosing until I get it right!

In the future, I believe I shall get something sparkly; perhaps a tumbler from Starbucks to make drinking water throughout the day more exciting. I am more partial to anything purple, but I do like this gold version. It's quite elegant, and definitely just the right amount of sparkly-ness to get the job done!

#nationaldiabetesawarenessmonth #sparkle #dailyphotochallenge #starbucks #t1d #Type1Diabetes

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