Diabetes Awareness Month - Day 6 & 7: Feet & Gear

I seem to keep combining pictures in this photo challenge...

I was going to talk about my glucometer, which is one of my very important pieces of gear for my diabetes, but, thought I would think outside the box a bit and focus on something else that keeps me happy. It's a simple photo today, but important to me. These are my favorite and most comfortable pair of shoes; yes they are a bit faded and aren't as clean as they could be but that is because they are well used as they are well loved. As you can imagine, due to my profession, I wear a LOT of tennis shoes and walk quite a bit. It's vital that I have comfy footwear. But it's not only the shoes that I rely on to keep my feet happy, but what's inside them: arch supports.

A couple months ago, I was teaching an intensive two week dog training class, and I found myself standing for most of the day while I was instructing the students; and standing for longer periods of time than I was used too. After the first couple days, I noticed my right foot was bothering me. I chalked it up to an unusually stressful and tiring week, and pressed onward. After the first week, I was really hurting, and as much as I tried to push through, my foot was bothering me enough that I was limping a bit. By the second week, I could barely walk. I was really hurting. My legs were tired and sore from compensating with the limp, and I wasn't able to get any work done as I didn't want to be up on my feet at all.

After a phone conversation with my Mom, she suggested arch supports. She had worn them for years and it had done wonders for her. So, I got some to try out to see if it would help. I am so pleased to say that my footsies were feeling stellar within a few days of wearing the supports! I haven't looked back since, and I now make sure that any new footwear that I purchase is arch support compatible. My feet have never been happier!

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