Diabetes Awareness Month - Day 5: Bullseye

I'm so sorry I'm about to get a little cliche and gitchy; but I don't care so here goes. I've been so looking forward to this day's photo because it encapsulates the last 6 months of my life and I'm so grateful. It's a little dark and blurry, but just looking at this photo makes my heart swell.

I remember this night well. Darcy (the fluffy labradoodle in the background) was boarding with me while I scent trained her to be a Diabetes Alert Dog for a family with a diabetic teen. Luca (the cutie on the left) and Gilligan (on the right) came from Animal Compassion Team, who was gracious enough to allow me to pull them for a pilot program where I trained them to be in-home Diabetes Alert Dog's for type 1 diabetic's such as myself. (Click here if you'd like to read more about the Pilot Program.) This particular evening, my blood sugar was low, around 60, and all three dogs were trying really hard to get my attention. If you look closely, both Gilligan and Luca have their paws up on the couch in an attempt to paw at me (which is the alert they were taught to indicate they detected a rapidly changing blood sugar number.) Darcy had swiped a paw at me earlier, but gave up as there was no room next to me to alert; so she fell back to the dog bed and proceeded to stare at me intensely instead.

So how does this tie into a bullseye? Well, I just feel like this whole thing is a jackpot. I hit the bullseye when it came to my chosen profession as a service dog trainer; it enables me to help train dogs for people who are also affected by type 1 diabetes. It's a complete bullseye that I ended up training Gilligan and Luca; they were a huge learning experience for me, and a big success! I'm so looking forward to more "bullseye" dogs in the future.

#diabetesalertdogs #t1d #bullseye #nationaldiabetesawarenessmonth #dailyphotochallenge #diabeticalertdogs

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