Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Diabetic Alert Dog?

Diabetic Alert Dogs (commonly referred to as DAD's) are dogs that are trained to specifically assist diabetics by alerting to oncoming hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) and hyperglycemic (high blood sugar) events before they reach dangerous levels. DAD’s are trained to react in a specific way when they detect a particular smell the human body emits due to chemical shifts caused either by hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia. Common alerts DAD's are trained are pawing at, or nudging with their nose at the diabetic handler. 


How long will it take to train our dog?

The time it takes to completely train a dog to be a DAD depends on many factors. Each dog learns at their own pace. Click here to read more about our training program. 


Can I take the dog everywhere with me? Is it a service dog?

We do train dogs to be full access service dogs - if you are interested in having your dog evaluated to see if they could potentially be trained to be a full access service dog, please fill out an application to get the process started.   


How accurate are DAD’s?

Because dogs are living, breathing creatures, it's physically impossible for them to be absolutely 100% accurate. However, it is not uncommon for a well trained DAD to be accurately alerting up to 95% of the time. 

How much do you charge to train my dog to be a DAD?

Because every dog has their own learning pace; the total cost will differ from dog to dog. To learn more about our prices, please contact us to discuss pricing specifics.  


What is your training philosophy?

We are force-free trainers which means we don't use fear or pain as training motivators. We believe that rewards based methods are more effective and have better, longer lasting results. The dogs that we train perform because they want too, not because they have too. We utilize food rewards as a strong motivator for our dogs to alert whenever they detect the diabetic biochemical scent which indicates a fast moving blood sugar.


I don't have a dog of my own; do you provide trained dogs?

We work individually with each family to make sure their needs are being addressed. If our requirements are met, we do train resident family pets. There are other options if we believe your family pet is not an ideal candidate to be a DAD. We can assist you with finding just the right dog match for you and your family. We do train a few DAD's at a time and place them with type 1 diabetic's once fully trained. 


I can’t afford your fees; what are my options?

Currently we do not provide fundraising support. We suggest reaching out to friends and family through crowd funding or social media outlets in order to help mitigate the costs of training a diabetic alert dog for you. We do offer payment plans and are flexible with working out what plan would be comfortable for each individual. 


I have Type 2 Diabetes; do you train dogs for that?

While Type 2 Diabetics can still experience hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, it is not on the same fast paced basis as a Type 1. Each individual situation is different. Due to their greater blood sugar fluctuations, we primarily focus on Type 1 Diabetics, however, we will examine every person’s individual situation before making a decision whether or not you meet our requirements.

How do I know you are legitimate?

We understand your concerns; there are many trainers offering services that may not be able to deliver. Our program is designed to recognize potential issues as they arise and address the ramifications. Unlike other organizations, we do not require the full payment up front. We specifically designed our program to have clients pay as their dog successfully moves through our program stages. We can also provide references from previous clients upon request. Click here to fill out the initial application to get the process started and find out more about how we can help you.

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