Is a Diabetic Alert Dog for you?

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​What We Do


We train Diabetic Alert Dogs to detect and alert their diabetic partner to the biochemical scent that a Type 1 Diabetic emits while blood glucose levels are out of range so that proper action can be taken.

Whether you're looking to acquire a new dog with the specific idea of training them to be your diabetic alert dog, or you'd like to see if your resident canine can be taught, we're here to help. We can assist you in selecting a dog that fits your lifestyle to be your partner in diabetic management or train your resident dog how to alert.

Pay It Forward!


Interested in helping out the next diabetic? We regularly take rescue dogs and train them for diabetics who cannot afford the steep fees for a fully trained & reliable Diabetes Alert Dog. Your contribution helps provide dogs for those who desperately need them! Click here to meet our current trainees. 

Train Your Resident Dog


Do you already have a family dog that you think would make a great Diabetic Alert Dog? Click here to fill out our questionaire!

Obedience Classes  NEW!


We now offer Obedience Classes for those located in the Fresno, CA area. Click here for more information! 

Find a New Candidate


Are you wanting to start from the very beginning, and find the perfect dog match for you to be the best Diabetic Alert Dog? Click here to meet our current Diabetes Alert Dogs in Training!